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Posted 12th March.

The Coronavirus has started to impact our programme, but we are thankful to have a digital focus. One of our volunteers joined via video call after being medically advised to shield.

At BuDS we want to give everyone an opportunity no matter the circumstances.  BuDS is almost entirely run by disabled people, and as individuals we have had to adapt countless times. We are used to doing things differently.

Our focus on providing people with full access and training on Microsoft Teams, has been unexpectedly important.  MS-Teams is already used by 500,000 companies globally. It now seems inevitable that MS-Teams will see a rapid growth in business users - a very valuable skill to learn.

Today we mapped out the many questions we have had as jobseekers. In particular we explored questions which had never been answered by other organisations. Our goal is to make it easy for people to get the right information at the right time via our new website.

Together we conceptualised there are 6 core categories, which will inform the information architecture of our website. These are, “Starting Out”, “Finding Work Experience”, “Finding Suitable Jobs”, “Applying For Jobs”, “Succeeding In An Interview”, “Staying In Work”.

We have brainstormed a list of important questions within each of these categories. We will start to answer these questions together in the coming weeks.

BuDS Design Board

By uploading these questions to a task board we can assign the topic to individuals, attach key research files, and keep helpful comments together.  This should help us to stay organised and work collaboratively.

Jobseeker Questions
Jobseeker Questions

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