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Buckinghamshire Disability Service (BuDS) is a registered charity and user-led pan-disability charity operating primarily in Buckinghamshire

We focus on fixing the big issues facing disabled people. We do this by permanently removing barriers facing disabled people and finding answers to the main issues affecting them.

Our priority areas of work include helping people live and travel independently, ensuring disabled people can access local events, supporting disabled people into work and providing benefits advice. BuDS has provided disability employment advice to all district councils in Bucks, NHS Bucks, major local employers including Intel PLC, Equitable Life, and over 200 local companies and organisations.

We focus on delivering permanent, sustainable change which benefits large numbers of disabled people by tackling the outstanding problems most important to disabled people themselves. We do this by informed, innovative thinking, sustained lobbying and influencing, and by forming strategic delivery partnerships with a very wide range of council, NHS, business and voluntary sector bodies. Our projects and partnerships have delivered results that helped almost all the 41,000 disabled people in Bucks plus many beyond our county. We did this while remaining led by disabled people themselves.

We are a very diverse inclusive organisation made up primarily of disabled volunteers, with all impairment groups represented, with a strong focus on mutual peer support.

About Reach4Work

BuDS’ Reach4Work project is BuDS own informal small ­scale scheme to help disabled jobseekers. BuDS Team includes people with both physical and mental health conditions, autism and ADHD and many professional volunteers. This creates a wealth of learning opportunities.

By volunteering alongside other disabled people, you will gain experience, training and employment related advice. You will learn about remote working, collaborative software and flexible working practices and learn vital work skills for the “new normal”.

You can volunteer at your own pace. We have volunteers working at every level within the charity, even as a new volunteer there are opportunities to quickly make a big impact that will impress future employers. We also have an extensive network to help you find paid work.

Please check eligibility as the support offered may alter with changes in our funding. However we will always try to accommodate new volunteers so please get in touch using the contact form.


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Things We Say at BuDS....

BuDS: We are weirder than you

I'm only here becouse no-one else would have me

BuDS: Somehow we just keep going

BuDS vigorously defends the rights of disabled people. Don’t mess with BuDS.

BuDS is a great place to find and demonstrate your talent