COVID-19 Team

Information, Advice and Guidance

BuDS continues to provide COVID-19 information, advice and guidance. This project offers jobseekers attending the BuDS Reach4Work volunteer programme the opportunity to provide information and guidance as well as to facilitate online support groups and identify new methods to help disabled people who rely on support.

Receive Training and Support to Take on One or More of the Following Roles

Coronavirus Researchers – find out the vast amount of information that disabled and vulnerable people need during this crisis, ranging from when supermarkets are open to how to apply for benefits. All you need for this role is internet access and e-mail, and some time on your hands.

Web Design – help keep our website up to date with accurate information. This suits people with some web design experience.

Social Media Moderators – to moderate and contribute to our Facebook groups and help manage our busy Twitter account. For this role, you need to have some social media experience

HR Co-ordinators – help us manage our ever-increasing volunteer numbers. For this role, you should have some personnel or HR experience and a current DBS certificate.

Project managers – manage a project within BuDS, working with other volunteers and Trustees. For this role, you should have some project management experience and, ideally, knowledge of MS Planner.

Befrienders – phone, e-mail and maybe videochat with those who are in self-isolation and help them cope with anxiety and loneliness. For this role, you should have a current DBS certificate and some experience of working with people.

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Who Will Benefit The Most?

People looking for careers involving home-working, project management, website development, research & analysis content creation (including video) or copywriting, and would like the opportunity to build on their skills and knowledge.

Volunteers will need to be able to work well independently, you may be a recent graduate needing an opportunity to prove yourself or perhaps an experienced professional looking to get back to work and need some recent experience.

As always, disabled people are especially welcome.  Any personal experience of disability, or of having a long-term mental health condition, may be especially useful in designing content and supporting others.

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