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We need a new way for disabled people to find the most appropriate employability information and support services in Buckinghamshire, and we want you to take a leading role.


You will be working on the BucksWorkability project that BuDS took ownership of in 2020.

The project offers disabled jobseekers the opportunity to gain digital skills by working remotely using Microsoft Teams and other software and collaboration tools such as learning how to design a wireframe for a digital event app.


The county has a dense, overlapping and opaque network of services supporting disabled people into employment. This is collectively referred to as the Bucks Workability Forum, and comprises of around 34 organisations, charities and local Government authorities.

We are immensely proud of the website redevelop and have new objectives to become a "one-stop" information service in the future, along with making connections with the Workability Forum in Milton Keynes.


You will receive hands on work experience alongside professional mentoring and coaching from experienced IT developers and your project manager. Working in a team is a large part of the work experience, and a personal development plan will help you to build your confidence in a supportive setting. 


What makes this programme special? 

  • No fixed predetermined plans: team members decide how best to improve the site together. 
  • No fixed roles: work together as required, share skills and knowledge and find tasks which match your skills or interests. 
  • 5 hours direct training and guidance per week. 
  • A standout piece of work experience to really impress employers. 
  • Making a difference to disabled jobseekers in Bucks. The BucksWorkabilty group consists of 34 organisations compromising charities and local government authorities. The new website is crucial in achieving our aim of greater collaboration between support services, employers and disabled job seekers.   

Who Will Benefit The Most?

Anyone looking to build on their skills and knowledge who is seeking careers involving digital design, project management, website development, research, content creation (including video) and copywriting.

This project offers the opportunity to research, create, promote and update content, problem solve, demonstrate high level IT and analytical skills, web-design and artistic skills, UX and UI design, teamwork skills and more. It's run as an agile project, so you can choose the tasks that you are most suited to. We are always interested to find out what skills people can bring to our project and we will develop those with you.


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