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Posted 6th July.

The Work of BuDS Jobseekers Leads the Professionals

At BuDS we have now mapped 18 disability related employment services. This has drawn attention from Bucks Council and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) who have increased their support for our project.

While BuDS does have the support of an expert civil service analyst, the website which will contain this information is almost entirely built by jobseekers (and all working from home). This is a great achievement as we now have the leading service mapping project in the county!

This week we successfully installed the new software into the development website which creates custom posts and new taxonomies. This will make it much easier to categorise and find information for future website users after the site is launched later in the year..

Learning from the Experts

On Friday two Reach4Work participants joined a 3 hour working meeting to deliver new efficiencies and automations within BuDS Insight Project. BuDS professional volunteer and Office 365/MS Teams consultant Alvin Navarro allowed BuDS volunteers to work through the changes with him online. We were able to learn advanced excel and MS-flow skills as Alvin worked on a real project. We are estimating at least a 70% time-saving with the new automations and custom Excel workbook.

Alvin is the founder of Genesis MNC a small consultancy specialising in Advanced Project Management, Data Migration and Business Process Engineering.

MS Teams and Office 365 consultant Alvin Navarro teaches BuDS volunteers.
MS Teams and Office 365 consultant Alvin Navarro teaches BuDS volunteers.

Join Reach4Work

You can still join Reach4work and gain great work experience and support from home. To be eligible you must have a longterm health condition or disability, this includes physical & mental health conditions, autism, dyslexia and other neuro-divergent conditions.

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