New Reach4Work Project Begins

Programme Diary

Posted 23rd Jan.

Our new project to ensure disabled people to find the most appropriate employability information and support services in Bucks is now underway.

As this is a co-creation project it will be entirely staffed by job-seekers (otherwise known as Reach4Work volunteers).

We hope this will provide useful information to thousands of jobseekers across Buckinghamshire and beyond.

Our 1st task is to map the old website. Working together we have summarised each page on a Post-it note. Post-it notes were then placed on a wall. The position of each post-it on the wall summarises the old websites architecture.

As we look through the website our small team of jobseekers noticed a number of areas we can improve. It’s great to see lots of ideas at this early stage.

Man sticking notes onto a whiteboard in the office
Mapping the old BucksWorkability website
Mapping the old website
Reviewing and Mapping the old website

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