My Role as a Reach4Work Project Coordinator



I returned to BuDS five months ago, as Project Coordinator for R4W Digital Team. As nervous as I was, I jumped straight in, both feet first and feeling like I had a lot to learn, and many adventures to go on. I received the loveliest warm welcome back, not only from the R4W Digital Team but the entire BuDs Team. There really is a lot more to a website, than what you see on the screen, and being part of the R4W Digital Team has been so incredibly interesting and rewarding. There is a great deal of work to do, and an exciting phase 2 development plan for the rest of 2022, and into 2023. Including continuing to maintain and update the Reach4Work and Bucks Workability websites. With an ongoing and exciting development project, creating an Events App to help make local events more accessible, for disabled people.

The first task on Thursday is to lead our start of day meeting, where we talk about any problems/issues and find our tasks for the day. Although the last one did not go to plan due to unforeseen absences, we still had a good meeting. Instead of looking at the Mission Statement 22/23 and using Miro to collaborate and brainstorm ideas, which will eventually become “tasks” on our Kanban, this week we managed to iron out a few routine maintenance issues and tasks. There are many regular and essential maintenance tasks that we complete each month. Then whilst the team went off to work the website magic, I then typed up the notes from the morning meeting and did routine administration tasks.

At the end of the day, we met again to discuss the day’s progress. Good progress was made and an amazing Canva graphic was created by one of the team. Whilst another had been beavering away, working on a routine maintenance calendar as planned. Roll on next week and the next chapter.

The Events App Project is run on a Tuesday morning and is a small friendly team, and the websites team meet on a Thursday, as described above with a start and end-of-day meeting. In recent months, the team have developed not only a strong collaborative working relationship but also valued friendships.

We are looking to recruit more R4W participants for both teams, and feel that enthusiasm and willingness to learn, are more important than a fixed skillset, as training can be given. Although, access to a computer, tablet or similar device and basic computer skills is incredibly essential as we meet and collaborate on Microsoft teams. The team are also looking for someone to help write website content and regular blog posts, this may also involve research on current employability topics. There are also opportunities to gain experience in graphic design and learn how to create graphics with Canva, and of course use WordPress and other tools.

If you are interested in joining Reach4Work and becoming part of the digital team, and volunteering on either the Websites or Events App. Please contact us at

Disclaimer: this is a personal blog by a BuDS member. The views expressed are personal and don’t necessarily represent those of BuDS or our Trustees.