Mapping First Steps

Programme Diary

Posted 6th Feb.

Based on ideas from our team we began to plan the 1st steps in our project.

We had a very productive meeting mapping the importance of new features against how easy it would be to implement them. It’s common for new Reach4Work volunteers to have a certain level of social anxiety.  It was excellent to see people speaking with more confidence within the group.

Mapping features by importance and difficulty of implementation.
Mapping features by importance and difficulty of implementation.

One of the concepts we are keen to promote is Co-creation.  Because our new website will be built by jobseekers, we can ensure it is appropriately designed for the same audience.  In a second exercise we mapped out some of our thoughts, feelings and actions about finding work. This technique is called an empathy map. Empathy maps are a common Design Thinking tool, being increasingly used by some of the largest companies in the world.

Our Me Map about finding work
Our Me Map about finding work
empathy map by IBM
Empathy Map by IBM

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