How We Induct New Volunteers

Since lockdown we have started to be asked how we continue to recruit and induct new volunteers from home

We also continue to offer work experience and support to JobSeekers
We know some of our volunteers are job seekers, often with personal experience of disability.
We can offer extra support and training to help you find paid work; we call this programme "Reach4Work".
Please visit the home page to find out more and check eligibility.

How We Induct New Volunteers

1. Online Video Meeting

Step one. As a new volunteer we will invite you to a video meeting. Meetings always include at least one trustee, so this is a great chance to ask questions about the charity. We often customise volunteer roles, adapting to each person’s unique skills and situation.

2. Online Form

Next, we will ask you to complete an online volunteer agreement and contact details form. We use Microsoft Forms which ensures that all information is automatically compiled in a spread sheet and held confidentially within our HR system. No matter who sends out the form only a small number of approved people have access to this information. We can also conduct DBS checks online, where required.

BuDS Volunteer Forms
Example of BuDS Volunteer Forms made in MS-Forms

3. Get Your Own Account

Every volunteer is now issued with their own Ms-Teams and Office 365 account. This gives every volunteer access to Microsoft Teams.  Volunteers are given access to relevant “teams” usually the COVID 19 team or BucksWorkability website team.

4. Training

As a new volunteer, you will be given training via an online meeting. In the BucksWorkability team we have written guidance and a special training task which directs new volunteers through the basic elements of how we work, when we meet online, and where to find key information. Important information about safeguarding or project objectives are accessible via an internal wiki.  Microsoft Teams also has a handy help section and free video tutorials.

Just one of our information pages within the team wiki.
Just one of our information pages within the team wiki.
MS Teams Training
Microsoft teams has free live training and extensive help section

5. Join Team Meetings

Volunteers join a weekly online meeting in which tasks are assigned. In the 1st meeting volunteers can just listen, but if something interests you, please ask to get involved. The weekly meeting is also a chance to propose ideas.

COVID19 Team Meeting
COVID19 Team Meeting

6. And That’s It,

As a newly inducted volunteer you can now help with a variety of activities, see the activities others are undertaking and join team conversations. Any questions? You can post into the team chat room and a friendly member of BuDS will help.

Soon you will be answering questions for newer volunteers.

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