Finding A New Routine

Programme Diary

Posted 10th April.

We are now finding a new routine as we continue during lockdown. It’s been an outstanding achievement that Reach4Work has survived. We understand that only 10% of comparable programmes are operational in any form. Work experience opportunities are extremely difficult to find. This is especially true for those with a long-term physical or mental health condition.  We continue to recruit new eligible jobseekers, if you’re interest in joining the team please get in touch.

Motivated by a desire to learn new skills to improve the BucksWorkability development website, some have been signing up to free online courses from the Open University or Codecademy. 

We have been exploring other software which may help us to stay organised. Sometimes MS-Teams has it’s limits as it’s very resource heavy especially when using video with other applications. One volunteer has set up a Discord server for BuDS and is implementing necessary safeguarding measures.

Another jobseeking volunteer has started helping the COVID19 team. Concerned by the lack of information about online food supplies for those who are shielding, they have been researching and producing information which has been shared with thousands of others in a similar situation.

It has become apparent that having a clear structure is really important. In the BucksWorkabilty team we decided to have a “clock in” meeting every Thursday at 11am (online), and “clock out” at 330pm.

The BucksWorkability team meetings follow an Agile stand-up structure, in which every Reach4Work volunteer says:

  1. What they have done,
  2. What they indent to do,
  3. If they need guidance or if anything is holding up progress on the task.

The COVID 19 team have opted to run through tasks asking for a quick (2-3 sentence) update from whoever is assigned the task.

At BuDS we like to think we are experimental and innovative, but truthfully each team is finding its own format.

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