BW Website Takes Shape

Programme Diary

Posted 20th June

As part of the website redevelopment for the BucksWorkability (BW) forum, Reach4Work Volunteers focussed this week on colour schemes.

Team members produced their own designs and shared this with the team.

Our aim was to find a colour palette that is both aesthetically pleasing and accessible.
Important factors are: contrast between text and background, and avoiding very bright garish colours. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) recommend contrast ratio of 4.5:1 or higher.

Picture of BW Dev site
Picture of BucksWorkability development site

There are still plenty of opportunities to get involved in this project.

We are particularly looking for content writers/researchers and a graphic designer. From the above picture you can see the puzzle logo needs a redesign!

Alongside the website project our Reach4Work jobseekers have been thinking about their ideal jobs, and the steps required to get there.  Lockdown has significantly reduced the number of job opportunities which has given everyone time to think carefully about their future careers.

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